A brief update

Hello all! It’s been a while since the last update. Just to keep you posted, work on VVH3 continues at full speed after a couple dry weeks. One of the novellas and one of the short stories that will be … Continue reading

Roman Holiday, Part One

Lucy Kottayil (née Manning) was sitting near the Trevi Fountain when Bigfoot gave his biggest thump yet. Bigfoot was the current name for the little miracle growing inside her. They probably wouldn’t name him (or possibly her — they had … Continue reading

The Book of Thoth — out now!

Just in time for All Hallows Eve, the second book in my Vatican Vampire Hunters series is now available! It can be purchased in either POD (http://​www​.amazon​.com/​d​p​/​1​4​9​2​7​2​8​39X) or Kindle (http://​www​.amazon​.com/​T​h​o​t​h​—​V​a​t​i​c​a​n​—​V​a​m​p​i​r​e​—​H​u​n​t​e​r​s​—​e​b​o​o​k​/​d​p​/​B​0​0​G​7​2​5​FVO) format. Please enjoy!

Peter of Rome

I know The Book of Thoth isn’t out yet, so this is getting a bit ahead of myself, but consider this short tale a bridge between Thoth and the next VVH novel… Enjoy! PETER OF ROME “The Congressman refused to — excuse me, … Continue reading

Book of Thoth — Preview 2

Here are Chapters One and Two of The Book of Thoth. Enjoy! CHAPTER ONE “Home sweet home, Miss van Wyck.” Unh… Nicole van Wyck snapped out of her hazy daydreams as the town car eased to a stop. A glance to her … Continue reading

Vatican Vampire Hunters 2: The Book of Thoth

Hello, faithful readers! The sequel to Mysterious Albion, called The Book of Thoth, is nearly ready to move from editing to formatting, so I thought I’d break my long silence and give a preview. Here’s the Prologue, for your enjoyment! *** PROLOGUE Sharkey’s … Continue reading

Lore: Ealing Cathedral

The Cathedral Church of the Nativity of Our Lady, commonly known as Ealing Cathedral, is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Ealing, west London. It is the seat of the Bishop of Ealing and mother church of the Roman Catholic Diocese … Continue reading

Lore: the Sibylline Daggers

And with this post, I begin an ongoing series on the background of the Vatican Vampire Hunter series: monsters, relics, famous figures and more. Our first installment looks at the dagger that Lucy wields in Mysterious Albion, and its siblings. … Continue reading


It seems obligatory to write about your influences on this sort of blog, and I’m a slave to the Zeitgeist in that respect at least, so here you go. Who are your literary influences, Paul? More specifically, who influenced and … Continue reading


Hello, everyone. Welcome to my website and my blog. If you’re here, you probably either have my book(s) or want to learn more about them, and the author behind it all. Hopefully all your questions will be answered here on … Continue reading