As revealed to Sister Anne Howley at Barchester Downs upon July 26, 1994. Each prophecy is a marker on the road to the Apocalypse. As each one comes to pass, the world lurches ever closer to the End of Days.

The madness of Santa Clara shall consume the minds of her killers and their blood shall run in rivers.

MONTRÉAL, Canada — Les autorités canadiennes continuent leur investigation de l’émeute la plus meurtrière de l’histoire nationale à survenir dans une prison, une émeute qui a couté la vie à plus de quarante victimes incluant prisonniers, gardes et employés.

Le directeur‐​général de l’hôpital Sainte‐​Claire a déclaré en conférence de presse qu’il tenait à rassurer les gens et qu’aucun détenu ne s’est échappé durant l’évenement et qu’il y avait aucun danger pour la population. Il a aussi démenti les rapports initiaux qui faisaient état de nombreuses victimes au sein des employés de l’hôpital. “Non, c’est faut. Je ne fais — Je ne peux pas dire si c’est bon ou pas, mais seulement trois gardes et un employé font partie des victimes des violences.

The black waves shall swallow up her tenacity and its cargo of fire.

The fates of more than one hundred sailors aboard a British nuclear submarine missing in the South Atlantic remain unknown today. The Deputy Commander Operations of the Royal Navy said the British and their NATO allies, as well as the Brazilian Navy, were conducting the most thorough and focused naval search operation on record. It remains the case that there has been no contact with the Tenacity since late yesterday afternoon, and hopes are fading in London and throughout the UK.

Red filth shall spread upon the waters and those who look from on high shall see the oceans as blood.

The Ring of Fire shall vent its wrath, and the seas shall boil.

The marble glories of nations shall crumble to dust.

The ravens shall perish, and the White Tower shall topple, and ruination shall come to Mary’s Dowry.

The unknown shall rise from their tomb and make war in the field of white stones.

The Last Daughter of Eve shall receive her crown and come forth against the Father of the Dragon, and lay him low, but the seed will be born from blood and in blood.